CCD Electronic

Wheel alignment entry-level solution EasyCCD

Wheel alignment in combination: EasyCCD and ADAS calibration 

Combine the product "EasyCCD" with the ADAS calibration and thus ensure error-free wheel alignment. We safely guide you through aligning the calibration boards using cameras instead of lasers!

  • Compensation on four wheels:  Rolling compensation on four wheels simultaneously without time-consuming lifting of the vehicle. 
  • Full flexibility:  The wheel alignment can take place at any suitable place, as binding or calibration on a platform is not required.
  • Reliable measurement accuracy : The benchmark in measurement and repeatability since 1991.
  • 20° cameras for a simple steering angle : spread is a good indicator of defective parts on the chassis. The 20° technology makes a professional check of the steering geometry much easier and faster.
  • Permanent self- monitoring: The 360° measuring field ensures permanent self-monitoring and compensation of vibrations.