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Wheel alignment entry-level solution EasyCCD

Wheel alignment in combination: EasyCCD and ADAS calibration 

Combine the product "EasyCCD" with the ADAS calibration and thus ensure error-free wheel alignment. We safely guide you through aligning the calibration boards using cameras instead of lasers!

  • Compensation on four wheels:  Rolling compensation on four wheels simultaneously without time-consuming lifting of the vehicle. 
  • Full flexibility:  The wheel alignment can take place at any suitable place, as binding or calibration on a platform is not required.
  • Reliable measurement accuracy : The benchmark in measurement and repeatability since 1991.
  • 20° cameras for a simple steering angle : spread is a good indicator of defective parts on the chassis. The 20° technology makes a professional check of the steering geometry much easier and faster.
  • Permanent self- monitoring: The 360° measuring field ensures permanent self-monitoring and compensation of vibrations.
  • Beissbarth Easy CCD+: CCD Aligner Kit

    Beissbarth Easy CCD+: CCD Aligner Kit

    Perfectly integrated into ADAS calibration and head light testing:•    The space in front of the lift can be used for ADAS calibration boards and head light tester•    Permanent self-check and precise ADAS calibration jig...
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  • Rotary R1065 : Mobile Tablet Alignment System

    Rotary R1065 : Mobile Tablet Alignment System

    The 1065 Wheel Alignment System offers total drive wireless capability. No minimum bay size required so this system is ready to fit in your shop. Take the alignment tablet with you as you make assessments, adjustments and collect the necessary data to...
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  • Rotary R1070 : Pro CCD Wheel Alignment System

    Rotary R1070 : Pro CCD Wheel Alignment System

    The 1070 wireless aligners is the total package when it comes to 3D wheel alignment. Simply access programs by selecting 5 command keys that guide the alignment tech through the step by step measuring process. It’s equipped with a powerful PC, an A4...
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